Grab YOUR last-minute placement in The Y Yachting Itineraries 2021!

Here at Estela, we normally print the 330-page ‘The Y Yachting Itineraries’ every April, but this year is like no other. The coronavirus lockdown meant we were forced to stop the clock, until now…

We are printing the 2021 edition at the end of next week, which gives us the unusual opportunity to share a complete draft of the book with you ahead of printing. And, if you like what you see, it’s not too late to get involved!

Today, the back cover, inside front cover and inside back cover are all available and you can make them yours at last-minute prices. Obviously, time is running out, so these prime slots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

We know many plans and budgets have been affected by the COVID emergency. At our end, we unfortunately lost some advertisers when budgets were suddenly frozen, so we now have some prime slots still available.

Distribution will extend into next year’s season, making up for the months lost this year and providing a longer shelf life than ever before. And with fewer pages of advertising throughout the book, your placement will stand out even more.

The Y 2021 highlights:

Extend your Mediterranean season!

  • Melilla to Tangier; Mediterranean itineraries with an exotic twist
  • Canary Islands; The forgotten year-round cruising destination
  • Balearics; Gastronomy special
  • Panama; An extraordinary destination for the winter season
  • Antigua; Island update and new beach guide


  • Cruising in a pandemic: Protocols and best practice in the age of coronavirus
  • Important Information: Rules, regulations, useful contacts, and more
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Click here for the complete draft of ‘The Y’ 2021