Heading to Spain from the Atlantic? Need quarantine exemption?

There have been many discussions in the past week about quarantine requirements for yachts arriving in Spain from the Caribbean.

By the letter of the law, as issued by the central government, all seafarers are exempt, without exception. This ruling does not discriminate between private and commercial vessels, as professional qualifications are IMO-compliant for both categories.

However, having approached Maritime Health Authority in Mallorca, there is no consensus about the applicability of exemption and consider that ALL arrivals must be quarantined for 14 days regardless. Importantly, this includes those that arrive here having sailed for at least 14 days non-stop, prior to arrival.

However, through our working relationship with the Port Authority of Melilla, we have managed to obtain definitive quarantine exemption for our clients, issued directly by Ministerial order, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

So, if your yacht is due to arrive in the coming weeks from across the Pond, the smart move is to stop first in Melilla. There, we can furnish you with a Ministerial quarantine exemption and provide you with some of the lowest-cost yacht fuel in the Med and get your summer season off to a good start.

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