August 17, 2017

There has been a huge impact on Superyacht behavior thanks to the Yachting Handbook, First published for the 2017, this Handbook has changed the behavior and routes of yachts that are sailing the Balearics.

The handbook gives captains more information about rules and legislation than ever before. The posidonia page link is informing  captains about anchorage possibilities and warning  them on the risks if they damage the sea grass..

Owners and guests are becoming more curios of trying experiences and itineraries suggested in the handbook.

With the support of Estela  Superyacht Agency for timing, booking and assistance, it aims to make  their experience unique and hassle free.

Being the first season since its launch, we are seeing results that are exceeding our expectation!

If you don’t have your copy on board, contact us or pop by our office!


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