PWC ‘jet ski’ regulations update

June 21, 2022


  • Licence required: Yes
  • Age: 18+ (or 16+ with written consent from a parent/guardian)
  • Legal requirements: 
  • PWC must be registered with the Maritime Authority (or T/T mothership)
  • PWC must have public liability insurance
  • PWC driver must have a valid licence
  • Licence, registration, insurance docs and proof of payment must be kept onboard
  • All riders must carry government issued ID
  • Rider and passenger must wear certified buoyancy aids
  • PWC must: avoid PWC rental or regatta areas; keep a safe distance from swim zones (either outside yellow buoys or 200m from shore in their absence); stay under 3kn and follow shortest safe path to the shore; only be used in daylight hours, good weather and visibility
  • Towing of water toys is prohibited
  • PWC may not navigate in commercial ports/marinas, except to go directly out to sea, at max 3kn
  • Most Spanish coastal locations have a 300m rule from any coastline and 150m from any other vessel

Balearic Islands – additional rules

  • PWC must stay 200m offshore and 100m from other vessels before exceeding 5kn
  • A method of communication must be carried at all times (ie. mobile phone/VHF)
  • Towing water skis or wakeboards is only allowed with a rider facing the person being towed
  • No beach drop off/pick ups

More details about regulations in Spain here


  • Licence required: Yes
  • Age: 16+
  • Users must wear a buoyancy aid. Registration and insurance papers of the PWC must be available, listing all drivers and any passengers
  • PWC are prohibited in National Parks. PWC must keep a distance of 300 metres from the shore, idle speed must be maintained within 300m of the shore 
  • Each PWC must have a ‘vignette’, or Croatian navigation permit, costing approx €50 for the permit and a further €50 for insurance. Permits can be obtained online, here:


  • Licence required: Yes
  • Age: 16+
  • PWC must keep 300 metres from the shore.
    PWC may only be used in daylight, not after 20:00h
  • PWC must have “T/T…” written on it and must stay within sight of the mothership
  • Users must wear a 50N buoyancy aid
  • PWC must carry: towing device; anchor; scoop/bucket/hand pump; watch; means of individual light identification, to last at least 6 hours

More information here:

ne of the most popular yachting destinations in the world, the azure waters in the South of France are busy with Jet Skis and other water toys during the summer months, with regulations in place to ensure the safety of all users.


  • Licence required: Yes
  • Age: 16+
  • PWC must keep a distance of 300 metres from the shore and not exceed 3kn within the port and the 300m marker.
  • PWC cannot be used between 13:30–18:00h in built up areas
  • PWC are not permitted around the island of Paros


  • Only licences issued by a European Country are accepted by the Italian Coastguard. NB. The UK’s RYA licence is no longer valid
  • Age: 18+
  • A distance of no less than 500 metres must be kept from any shore
  • Strictly no PWC use is permitted near ferry routes, near coast or beaches, near military bases, at the mouth of rivers, canals, in bathing areas, in reserves and other protected areas
  • In some areas there are further restrictions on the use of PWCs. If in doubt, contact the local harbour office or Guardia Costiera 
  • A distance of 300 metres must be kept from military, merchant and fishing vessels, and 200 metres from buoys indicating diving or fishing
  • No use within 500m of a port entrance
  • All riders must have safety equipment onboard, wear a helmet and a buoyancy aid

Naples maritime district

  • 1st November – 30th June – PWC use allowed during day time hours
  • 1st July – 30th September – PWC use only allowed between 14:00 – 19:00 
  • 1st July – September – PWCs are NOT allowed between Mergellina to Capo Posillipo

Capri and Amalfi coast

  • 1st October – 30th June – PWC use is allowed during daylight hours
  • 1st July – 30th September – PWC use is only allowed between 14:00 – 19:00
  • PWC use near the Blue Grotto or Faraglioni is banned


  • PWC are banned

Protected marine areas (forbidden areas)

  • Cinque Terre, Arcipelago Toscano, Isole Tremiti, Miramare, Arcipelago di La Maddalena, Isole Egadi, Isole di Ustica, Porto Cesareo, Ventatene and Santo Stefano


  • No PWC licence is required, no age restrictions apply
  • Riders must wear a buoyancy aid
  • PWC may not be used in restricted areas and cannot depart from the marina or post
  • PWC must keep 300 metres from the shore, limiting speed to 3kn when approaching or setting off from shore
  • PWC are prohibited in the following areas: Gocek Gulf (National Park); Aksas Area in Marmaris (Military area); Dead Sea in Fethiye; Kekova (sunken city)