‘The Y’ 2023/24 is here!

July 11, 2023
If proof were needed that all good things are worth waiting for, you now have it in the shape of a brand new edition of our annual superyacht travel guide, ‘The Y Yachting Itineraries’ 2023/24. We’re proud to present the sixth edition of our superyacht travel guide, packed with destination information and itinerary ideas.

As regular readers and guests at our events know, at ESTELA we enjoy a theme. Historians recently marked the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, which seemed a good excuse to retrace the French Emperor’s exploits around the Mediterranean and beyond.

This year we travel from our home in the Balearics to Napoleon’s birthplace Corsica, then Sardinia and his first place of exile, Elba.

Our feature destination this time is Croatia, where Dalmatia was once part of the Republic of Venice, which in turn fell under control of the French Empire. We explore every nook and cranny of its 3000nm of coastline, from Dubrovnik in the south to Rovinj near the Italian border. 

Via Malta, Napoleon’s fleet landed on Alexandria, Egypt, which sets the design theme for the guide. We visit ‘Alex’, also taking in El Alamein and Rosetta in the Mediterranean, before passing through the Suez canal to the watersports nirvana that is the Red Sea.

Westward, waters off Gibraltar and Cádiz is where rival empires duked it out for naval supremacy and the spoils of colonisation. Even Lanzarote wasn’t left untouched, as a depository for thousands of Napoleonic prisoners of war.

Crossing the Atlantic, we visit marvellous Martinique, the home of Joséphine Bonaparte, before heading to Antigua, the target of many French raids. It was, of course, the base for Admiral Nelson, before taking on Napoleon’s navy at Trafalgar.

As a bonus, we had to include St. Helena, of course! This far-flung outpost in the South Atlantic is where Napoleon met his death. Aside from the coffee, he didn’t like the place much. But if scuba diving is your thing, it’s really rather great.

Remember, wherever you’re heading this season, ESTELA is on hand to assist. Our offices are located throughout Spain, Gibraltar and Latin America, and our agency and bunkering network covers most major superyacht destinations.

Remember, we perform wherever you are!

Hard copies of ‘The Y 2023/24’ will on hand within the next few days, but in the meantime, you can read and save the complete digital edition, here 👉🏼 bit.ly/TheY2023-24