Update: Italy’s D-Visa for seafarers

Following our news update in December about the Italian D-Visa for seafarers, there has been a fair amount of discussion about how it works and where to get one. We have also received feedback from clients aiming to obtain the newly available visa.

The Italian association of maritime agents, Federagenti, has issued the below clarification about the D-Visa and what it covers.

To recap, seafarers stationed in Italy, holding a contract requiring them to stay in the country for an extended period — beyond the 90 days (per 180 days) permitted by the Schengen C-Visa — can now apply for the D-Visa, which grants stays of up to one year.

The D-Visa incorporates the C-Visa, obviating the need to apply for both, if travelling elsewhere in Schengen in the interim. However, it is important to note that the ‘D’ element of the visa is valid for Italy only. Elsewhere within Schengen, the 80/190 limitation remains, as per the standard C-Visa.

Within Spain, the D-Visa is issued only by the Italian embassy in Madrid. To our knowledge, consulates in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona will not issue the D-Visa, though please do let us know if you have managed to obtain one somewhere other than Madrid.

As the D-Visa for seafarers is new, solid information about where to obtain one is difficult to come by. However, agents in Italy confirm the following issuing locations:

E: Madrid
GB: London (also processes applications for Manchester and Edinburgh, passports are retained)
D: Frankfurt
CH: Geneva
AU: Brisbane, Perth
PH: Cebu (we are told that Manila no longer issues ‘D’ visas)
AR: Buenos Aires
SB: Belgrade
ZA: Johannesburg, Cape Town
TR: Izmir, Istanbul, Gaziantep

There are doubtless many more issuing locations around the world, so if you have first-hand knowledge of any Italian embassy or consulate issuing ‘D’ visas, please let us know. Any information about key embassies *not* issuing them would also be appreciated. If you need local agency assistance in Italy, we will be happy to recommend an agent. 

For visa information, please contact: james.vanbregt@estelashipping.net